Judy’s ‘Passion for Living’

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At A Passion for Living we do our best to create beautiful displays. We share our ideas with our customers and invite them to be inspired and get their creativity flowing.

A Passion for Living’s customers are extremely creative. One in particular who has been a loyal customer for many years is Judy. She has discovered her ‘passion for living’ in Christmas. Judy is a regular visiting us weekly at times, carefully selecting the perfect pieces she needs to create the Christmas wonderland in her home for her family and friends.

Every year, Judy decorates 10 beautiful Christmas trees, all with different themes. Like many creative people her inspirations for these trees comes from life’s simple offerings. One of her Christmas trees holds over 200 Barbie dolls. Another is a McDonald kids happy meal toy inspired tree. Other elegant trees with different colour themes make her home sparkle and delight her family and friends.

She invited us into her home to take pictures so we could share her ‘passion for living’ with you.

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